Design Team

Carrie Babington

Founder & Owner, The Finishing Touch Home & Office Interiors, LLC

Carrie has over four decades of expertise as a licensed interior designer. She has had the privilege of working with a diverse clientele and has a portfolio ranging from mid-size commercial projects to intimate residential spaces. She seamlessly blends classic sophistication with an innovative flair.

Carrie’s approach for the company is both savvy and smart; making them essential partners in creating inviting residential and professional commercial designs.

Mary Droste

Mary has over thirty years as a designer working with The Finishing Touch. Mary specializes in turning dreams into realities. She brings a wealth of experience to every project. In the world of design, staying relevant is crucial. She is a seasoned designer who is creative with fresh ideas. Mary believes in marrying tradition with a contemporary twist, ensuring that each design is a unique reflection of her client’s vision.

Gina Krebs

Gina has been a vital part of The Finishing Touch design team for over 10 years. She serves as their marketing specialist. Gina understands the design industry; being knowledge of the latest trends and how people react to them. In the ever-changing world of media promotion she has transitioned with ease.

Certifications & Awards

Registered Interior Designer of Illinois

1st Place at Window Fashions Design Competition

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